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Approved Impulse-buy (retroactive plot)

Snappy Multitask Boi


What was your plots goal?
For Bernardt to get himself a Tonoyanan steel blade.

Loosely explain what happened in your plot:.
Bernardt travelled to the province of Tonoyana with a caravan, meeting a curious individual along the way. On the road, they get attacked by a bandit gang. The leader carried a greatsword made by the famous metal. Ginger and Bernardt worked together to defeat and kill the bandit leader, routing the other bandits as well in the process. Bernardt claims the greatsword for himself to melt it down and reforge it for his own sword.

What characters were involved?
Bernardt Veil Ginger Terminais

What rewards did your characters claim:
A Tonoyanan steel sword for personal use. And perhaps a funky wedding ring as well

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