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NEW: Beast Races

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Head Administrator
Beast races are now playable! Below is a clip of their lore. You can also create your own beast races!

Beast Races

Beast Races are classified as any sentient race of animal of Avsolom. They're humanoid in nature while still holding true to their baser instincts and patterns of the animal species they came from. Some choose to stay in packs, others can be integrated into society in a limited way. Occasionally a beast may decide to live with a human, but essentially as a pet in most cases.

They're not Myst Born creatures. They evolved on Avsolom, naturally through time from their pure animal form into a humanoid one. Because of this, the same rules of magical bloodlines apply to beasts as it does to humans.

The most common types of beasts evolved from felines, large canines (including canis lupus familiaris, canis lupus, canis rufus and canis latrans) and the smaller canines such as foxes. Like humans and other sentient races, often beast races walk on their hind legs. They also often have claws on all their paws, have tails protruding from their lower backs, and pointed ears atop their heads. But there are also reptilian and avian beast races. Only time will tell how many different races will come into existence and what their affect on the world will be.

One example of a beast race is the Kitsune. These fox-like species are capable of integration into human society. Kitsune are identical in many ways. They have sharp teeth for eating meat and hunting. Likewise, they have sharp claws on their paws and powerful legs to give chase. They are capable of smelling threats and other beings up to three miles away and are extremely skittish by nature. Their ears also give them sharp hearing to sense what is going on around them. Learn more about the Kitsune »

Create your own Beast Race »