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Cathwa Citizen Omega Canis





► Khemu “Omega” Canis​
► 20​
► Male​
► 5'11" (Human)​
► 6'6" (Werewolf)​
► 150lbs (Human)​
► 400lbs (Werewolf)​
► Dark Brown (Human)​
► Yellow (Werewolf)​
► Blonde​
► Grey​
► Werewolf (Human)​
► Cathwa Nation​
► Mercenary​

Khemu "Omega" Canis was born in the Cathwa Nation to a nomadic family of Werewolves who refer to themselves as "the Pack", they travelled all over the regions of the Cathwa Nation using their gift to help those in need. Khemu is the youngest of four, two older brothers and a sister who affectionately called him “pup”.

At the age of twelve, Khemu’s parents decided he was ready to receive his gift and he received a scratch from his father. A few days later, Khemu's first transformation occurred during an argument with his sister. After calming down and reverting to his human self, his parents and siblings began teaching Khemu how to control his transformations and the beast within. Not even a year later, however, and with barely any practice Khemu's training ended before it even started when he witnessed his entire family slaughted by a coven of vampires when they attempted to rescue traders being attacked by the vampires - before their deaths however, Khemu's mother told him to run before the vampires would kill him too.

For days, the boy roamed the Cathwa desert aimlessly and finally collapsed from both dehydration and starvation until he was found and rescued by a band of roaming mercenaries. Khemu woke up a few days later at the mercenaries' camp, the leader of the mercenaries introduced himself as Kron and asked what he was doing in the desert all alone, Khemu then went on to explain everything that had happened. Kron felt sympathy for the boy and offered to take him under his wing and allow him permanent stay with the mercenaries to which he agreed.

Khemu spent the next six years training and accompanying the mercenary group, becoming very proficient with a blade during this time, Khemu also earned the nickname "Omega" as he was the last remaining member of his "Pack" and a werewolf. Omega spent the years trying to repress his werewolf form out of fear of losing control and hurting those he cared about, although he wished to use his gift for the greater good like his parents wanted - he had no idea how to do this without controlling the beast inside.

Tragedy would strike once again when Omega's mercenary company were killed on a job with Omega being the only remaining survivor, Kron, his mentor and father-figure's last words to him were for Omega to escape, live his life and be better than them. Heartbroken by losing two families in one lifetime, Omega spent the next two-years roaming the Cathwa Nation taking a few odd-jobs, trying to survive and live out the remainder of his life.


In his human form, Omega is a blonde-haired young man with dreaded hair shaved at the sides, tanned skin and dark brown eyes, he stands at five-foot-eleven inches and weighs one-hundred-and-fifty pounds. He has a scratch on his left arm, which he received from his father when he was deemed ready to receive 'The Gift'. Despite his ruggedness, Omega would be described as a boyishly handsome young man - cuts, scars, facial hair and all. Despite his conventional handsomeness, he does himself no favours with his resting face...which seems to be a permanent scowl.

In his werewolf form, Omega is a grey furred bipedal wolf with bright, glowing yellow eyes. His werewolf form stands at a towering six-foot-six when on two feet, dwarfing most werewolves in Avosolom and he is also described as being "built like a brick shit house" when in his werewolf state. Whenever enraged, Omega's eyes switch from glowing amber to a glowing blood red - when his eyes turn this colour, it would be in everyone's best interest to stay back.


First impressions of Omega is that he is antisocial and emotionless. This isn't necessarily true, Omega cares a lot for people and helping others but he tends to refuse to allow himself to get closer to others out of fear of losing them, from all the tragedy in his life he has developed a form of separation anxiety and for the ones he does allow to get close to him, he wants to keep them safe at all costs to the point it seems overbearing. Omega also feels he is dangerous to get close to, for if someone is lucky enough to become close to him, they're at risk of death.

As a werewolf he has a deep-seated hatred for vampires and during the rare instances he is a werewolf, he takes pleasure in killing them for what they did to his "Pack". Omega struggles to control his animal impulses due to receiving minimal training from his family to keep the wolf inside of him in check, so at times Omega will randomly act out his wolf tendencies such as lust, hunger and aggression.

Magic & Skills

Omega was born with no magical abilities, however, as a lycanthrope he has the ability to shapeshift into a six-foot-six tall werewolf. As a werewolf, his senses and physical capabilities are cranked up to eleven - however, due to the lack of control in his werewolf form, Omega is a loose canon and rarely uses his werewolf form unless it is completely necessary. It has been stated that while his physical capabilities and senses are average in werewolf terms, his speed is considered to be uncanny and is hard to keep up with him during a fight or chase - and if Omega's chasing you...well, good luck.

To make up for his lack of control as a werewolf, Omega relies on his mercenary training as he is adept with a sword, hand-to-hand combat and throwing knives. However, his sword prowess is what makes him shine - Omega's speed with a sword in his human form is remarkable and he is a dangerous opponent to fight. In his human form, Omega's senses are enhanced although not to the extent of when he is a werewolf.

Omega is not invincible. Omega's enhanced aggression and temper can cause him to become distracted and fall into frenzies which result in him not thinking as clearly as he normally would thus making it difficult for him to win a fight with a more or equally skilled enemy.

  • Thin garments designed for heat
  • Buster Sword
  • Dagger
  • Throwing Knives
  • Werewolf Form
    1573092109081.pngOmega's Werewolf form

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