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Province Location The Mysty Isle

The Mysty Isle

Location: Several Nautical Miles East of the Southeastern tip of the Archipelago.

Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Mountain and predominantly Forest.
Government: Monarchy
Affiliation (if any): N/A
Population: 6,000
Points of Interest: Cloud City, Mithril Mine, Halls of the Dead.

Cloud City:
The largest of the four dwarven cities on the island, and the most well preserved as it sits on the coast providing the natural vegetation little access to it. The city, recently claimed and resettled by Rayne Maxis, and Brianna Saxon has since been renamed Cloud City, as the original name of the city is long since lost, and populated with freed slaves.
Overlooking Cloud City is the island's single largest structure, a grand castle with Dwarven architecture and art. Vast rooms with colossal stone statues line the interior along with housing for far more than is necessary for the castle, even in it's great size. For its age the structure has maintained incredible integrity, and nearly all portals remain usable to this day.

Mithril Mine:
A healthy Mithril mine lays unmolested in the heart of Cloud City. Signs that it had been mined previously some millennia ago, it now lays in wait.
Along with being home to a rare Mithril mine, the dwarves of old constructed an impressive system of forges within the city which seemed to mesh perfectly into the complex system of architecture.

Halls of the Dead:
Vast complexes of catacombs span the underground of Cloud City filled with the ancient bones and mummified corpses of the dwarves that used to inhabit this island. The catacombs appear to have been constructed after the area under the city was mined for Mithril, as certain areas of the Catacombs can be used to access the mine itself. No exact number of dead are recorded, however estimates suggest hundreds of thousands.

History: Prior to the Cataclysm this island held another name, and was populated by the dwarves, history of that time has long since been forgotten, though much evidence has been left behind on the form of architecture and the like. For hundreds, possibly thousands, of years the island laid under a constant cloud of swirling Myst that has altered the fauna and flora of the terrain, as a result very little wildlife remains, which in turn allowed the flora and vegetation to dominate the small island. The island is covered in deciduous trees, some of which have grown to unprecedented size, moss and other various plants have grown thick in the understory and forest floor as there are very little in the form of animals to prevent the overgrowth. The island was apparently home to a booming economy, likely due to its richness in natural resources that have since sat unmolested since the time of the dwarves. Four dwarven cities marked the face of the island, it's most dominate being the southern city which has since been renamed to Cloud City. Though the island remains, as well as the architecture upon it, it has remained uninhabited until its recent rediscovery by Rayne Maxis, and Brianna Saxon. The pair took control of the empty castle, and laid claim to the land, determined to make it their own.

Population efforts are undertaken, and slave ships are targeted, the people liberated are brought to Cloud City and freed as it's citizens.

The council is formed with high ranking members of the Isle's governance formed into a committee to assist the rule of Rayne and Brianna.

Employees for the mines below Cloud City are raised from the dead and put to work.

A standing militia as well as Navy are formed for the defense of the Isle.

Trade is opened up via the ocean. The people see an economic boom as they sell their wares as well as minerals found within the mines. The port of Cloud City becomes a regular stopping point for ocean traders and travelers. Poverty becomes almost non-existent amongst its citizens.

Rank and Structure:
Queens: Rayne Maxis and Brianna Saxon

1. Head of Naval Affairs: Finn Roberts

Notable Citizens:


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