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Approved The Turn of House Roann

What is your plots goal: To make Vestkystenhold, and Roarkrest, the new safe haven for Magi in Nal Akima, and to let House Roann be once again known for having powerful warriors.

Loosely explain what will happen in your plot: Currently, House Roann is known throughout Nal Akima for its strategists, tacticians, craftsmen, and its politicians. When the house was founded, they, much like the rest of the Clans of the continent, were a strong, independent, and ruthless house of warriors. With Matthis rising to take his place as Jarl of the province, and head of House Roann, he is making an effort to bolster the provinces army, and help his people be more able to fend for themselves. To do this, Matthis is instituting a ruling that each citizen is required to spend 3 years of service to the provinces army upon their 17th birthday. By doing this, he hopes to help his citizens gain a better understanding of what it is to be of services to ones land, and help strengthen the community by making them trained in combat and battlefield tactics.

In light of recent events, House Roann will also be seceding from the Council of Axes. With the Holy Sword committing genocide in Nal Sur, Matthis is determined to create a new area that is safe for the Magi of Nal Akima. Roarkrest itself is a port town, and by allowing Magi to seek shelter in his village, they are also able to travel away to distant lands and away from the organization that seeks to murder them in cold blood. However, while the Holy Sword would sure to come knocking at the Jarl's doors just as they did with Nal Sur, Matthis would ask the able bodied Magi who would seek shelter in his lands to join in service to his army, just as he does for the rest of his citizens. While the people of Vestkystenhold are required three years of service, the Magi would be given the option to join in service, fighting the Holy Sword to put a stop to their crusade, or he would allow them free travel to Meikyo in order to start a new life away from Nal Akima.

What characters (that you know of) will be in your plot: Matthis Roann, Kharia Na'amro, and anyone else who is interested!

What rewards will your character(s) claim from this plot: TBD
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MattwithaSword Hey there, was just trying to see if this was the finalized version of your plot. I had seen Panda bring something up earlier about this and wasn't sure if something had changed. I'd just need a layout of how many threads you are planning to encompass for this plot.
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