Terms and rules

General Rules & TOS (Site & Discord)

Myst of Avsolom is an 18+ [URL='https://rpgrating.com/create']3/3/3[/URL] play-by post role-playing forum. By using the Myst of Avsolom's site and/or discord, members agree to adhere to the following:
1) Registered members must be [B]Eighteen [/B]years of age or older.
2) All messages must fall in acceptable and legal parameters pertaining to the current United States of America law.
2.1) Aforementioned items included without limitation to: copyright, trademark, fair-use, slander and libel, assault, use and representation of minors in sexual acts, etc.
3) Committing or promoting any type of illegal activity is prohibited.
4) ]Administrators and Moderatorshave the final word. If told to cease a behavior or conversation it must be ceased.
5)Spam, phishing scams and members attempting to solicit money from other members through the use of the domain is prohibited.
5)Abusive, overly aggressive, threatening or toxic trolling behavior is prohibited. 6)Multiple Out of Character (OOC) accounts is prohibited. Users may only have one OOC account.

Rights & Responsibilities The domain reserves and observes the following rights and responsibilities:
1) Content may be removed at any time, with or without explicit permission, consent or warning.
2) The domain may remove members at any time, with or without explicit permission, consent or warning.
3) All content posted on the site (mystofavsolom.com) adding to it's world or utilizing it's world or its concepts is the copyright of [url=https://www.mystofavsolom.com/index.php?members/lilith.1/]Lilith[/url], the site owner. The site owner may use all writing posted on the board and names without the original author's consent or monetary compensation.
4) Site rules may change at any time with or without warning.
5) Site Staff maintains the right to enforce additional rules or make decisions based on their discretion.

In - Character Rules
1) Characters engaged in sexual depictions of any kind must be [B][U]Eighteen [/U][/B]years of age or older.
2) Content is not restricted in length.
3) In-character content must be authored by a character account
4) Characters may not be unbeatable, gods, god-like or Mary Sues.
5) Characters cannot be forced to engage in Character vs Character combat (CvC) / (PvP).
6) If a member chooses to participate in PvP, once their character is engaged in combat they must abide by the rules agreed upon between the combatants.
7) Characters cannot die without their Writer’s consent.

General Role Play Rules
1) Members are free to add any additional rules to their role play threads. Additional rules in a thread must be clearly communicated to all participants before they join, or be agreed upon by all participants if added at a later date.
2) If a participant is not given a clear warning about additional rules they're not obligated to follow them.
3) Disputes within the role play are to be handled by the members involved. In the case a compromise cannot be reached then the issue may be escalated to staff. To escalate an issue use the report button on the post with the disputed content.